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When hiring an office cleaning company in Chicago, it is critical to understand exactly what cleaning services will we provided to your organization, and when. Cosmopolitan performs an initial on site cleaning service assessment and gives you a completed office cleaning checklist of all the expected services we will be delivering along with a detailed cleaning schedule. Some Chicago companies, such as financial or engineering clients, periodically require modifications to our standard office cleaning checklist. These services modifications may add additional cleaning specification, but more often, request that certain areas are either omitted or the cleaning procedures altered to meet certain privacy or confidentiality requirements.

Being in the professional cleaning business since 1986, we have seen many cleaning companies come and go in the Chicago area. No matter who choose, insist on understanding exactly what cleaning services you are expecting and paying for. Our standard office cleaning regimen typically includes:

Dailey - Office Cleaning Services

  • ▪ Emptying waste baskets and replacing internal liners
  • ▪ Washing waste baskets if required due to spills
  • ▪ Dusting of desks, tables, cabinets, credenzas, and chairs
  • ▪ Straightening and organizing of all visible surface areas
  • ▪ Wiping all horizontal surfaces with cleaner and disinfectant
  • ▪ Disinfecting phones and highly handled utensils
  • ▪ Cleaning vertical glass surfaces
  • ▪ Vacuuming all rugs and carpets
  • ▪ Vacuuming of hardwood and hard floor areas
  • ▪ Individual spot cleaning of lightly marred walls
  • ▪ Removal of cobwebs in corners, door frames, etc.
  • ▪ Mopping of all floors and entrance areas
  • ▪ Removing fingerprints from switches, doors, doorknobs
  • ▪ Collect and remove garbage or items tagged for disposal.
  • ▪ Overall straightening to present tidy appearance

Weekly - Office Cleaning Services

  • ▪ Clean all glass services with squeegee
  • ▪ Clean and polish mirrors and mirrored surfaces
  • ▪ Wipe down doors and door sills
  • ▪ Polish brass and chrome fixtures
  • ▪ Spray and machine buff all hard flooring
  • ▪ Vacuum vents and office & conference room chairs

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