Cosmopolitan Building Services - Chicago

About Our Janitorial Company

Cosmopolitan Building Services is a privately owned Janitorial Company based in Chicago IL with offices in the city of Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs. We provide janitorial as well as commercial cleaning services for over eight million square feet in 450 commercial, industrial and medical buildings throughout the Chicago Metropolitan and suburban areas. We specialize in medium to large sized office buildings and pride ourselves in servicing our commercial clients in a professional, efficient and cost effective manor for the two primary services:

Janitorial Services

Full custodial cleaning services for commercial building and offices.

Building Maintenance

Complete end-to-end building maintenance products and services.


Total 100% Customer Satisfaction for any janitorial or commercial cleaning service we perform.


Inspect what you expect is how we envision getting to complete cleaning satisfaction.


Over 30 years of solid experience in the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry.


Our teams offer a full range of commercial cleaning services from simple office cleaning to window washing, tenant move out, floor care and more. Our teams take care of your office, so your office employees take care of your business.


These are just a few of the many testimonials we received from our cleaning clients throughout the Chicago area.

The service is very good and we are very happy with the outcome. Would recommend to anyone looking for a commercial cleaning service for their business.


I have used this company for my businesses and I highly recommend them, excellent job every time, great customer service.

Stephanie Stagno

We have been using Cosmopolitan's restaurant cleaning service ever since we opened our restaurant in Chicago. I realize they specialize in medical office cleaning, but restaurants need the same level of cleaning and attention to detail as any medical facility. Great work.

Restaurant Client

Been receiving services from this company for many years and they always go above and beyond my expectations. Even have referred them to others in the past. You can count on them too! Will always consider Cosmopolitan Building Services!

Viola Sun


As the owner, I started out working for a office cleaning service over 30 years ago. So, I now treat employees like I wanted to be treated when I was cleaning offices and scrubbing toilets. I encourage all of Cosmopolitan Building Services associates and supervisors to treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

Quality Assurance in Cleaning

Quality in our Chicago janitorial business is a process of continuous improvement. Not just an inspection program, it means supervision and management communicate a standard of cleanliness that the service worker understands and believes in. Quality is the result of good hiring practices, effective training, sufficient supervisory time, feedback to the crew and committed management. Bad cleaning programs are a roller coaster of improvement and failure, improvement and failure. Good cleaning programs are characterized by an upward trend in quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s part of the formula.


“Quality starts with the janitor” is the cornerstone of sound management in our business. Screening, training, proper supplies & equipment and an attitude of concern produce the best results when it’s all said and done.

Program design means taking the time to analyze the facility, location, surface types, specifications, customer budget requirements and intended results to develop a cleaning program that works for all of us. Your facilities have been surveyed and then workload to determine the exact labor requirements. This, along with our experience has enabled us to both determine an accurate price, and schedule the actual work; area by area, task by task, cleaner by cleaner.

“Inspect what you expect” is the principal that has made successful managers for generations. It’s no less true in the janitorial industry. Driven by the specifications and modified by your unique requirements, inspections keep management in touch, supervisors thinking, employees informed, and quality high.

Training of Cleaning Supervisors:

Everyone agrees, supervision is critical to the success of a cleaning program. The person directly in charge of the crew is the person who ultimately delivers the goods. We know that at Cosmopolitan Building Services and that is why we place so much emphasis on recruiting, training and keeping, outstanding supervisors.

Training for advancement means greater opportunity. Everyone in our company knows that the way to better compensation is through improved skills and more responsibility. The way to achieve that is through:

Training of Cleaning Supervisors:

We recognize that trained employees are an asset to our company and our clients. Our experience has demonstrated that effective training produces happier, more productive and confident people who deliver a higher quality product on a more consistent basis. That adds up to some very good reasons for a strong emphasis on training at all organizational levels of our company.