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Multi Family HOA Cleaning

Professional janitorial services for large multi family unites and Home Owners Associations

The condition of all the buildings, grounds and amenities in an apartment complex or condo can have a very noticeable impact on the property values, homeowner satisfaction and renter retention. At Cosmopolitan, we have dealt with different types of planned communities, including condominium complexes, townhouses, apartment complexes, gated neighborhoods, and HOA communities. No matter the type our goal is always the same: to deliver high-quality work that meets all of our clients’ needs. The cleanliness and safety of your community is our priority. We want to keep it clean for current residents and visitors, as well as prospective people looking to move in. Every complex and neighborhood is different, and we will customize our services to ensure that your goals are met without breaking the bank.

We Create A Comprehensive Cleaning Plan

We will create a complete cleaning service plan for the entire property including amenities and common areas. We can help you keep your entire area tidy to create a welcoming environment. Our comprehensive janitorial service plan will cover bathrooms, common areas, kitchenettes and other important areas. Our green cleaning program provides customers with the possibility to rest assured, knowing that the healthiest products are being used during their cleaning appointment. We exclusively use Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals for all our general commercial cleaning and floor work and utilize recycled paper products.

Daily - Weekly - Monthly Services

Condo Janitorial Service

We Tailor To Your Specific Cleaning Needs

Condo & Home Owners Association Cleaning is a vital service for Condo and Homes of all types. A clean and tidy place is attractive and helps to promote positive energy and healthy surroundings. It is also important from a health and safety perspective, as unclean environments can lead to the spread of illness and pests.

Our Association can help your home to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, protecting both your safety and your bottom line. By choosing a reputable, reliable company like us you can ensure that your premises are clean.

Living in a neighborhood with a Condo & Home Owners Association definitely has its benefits: rules and regulations keep the neighborhood looking sharp and everyone generally follows them, leading to a well-maintained community. However, one of the less desirable responsibilities of being a Condo & HOA member is having to regularly clean common areas like sidewalks, streets, and parks. This cleaning responsibility will go to take care of us.

Why Cosmopolitan for HOAs

At Cosmopolitan, we understand that every HOA is unique and will personalize our services to meet the specific needs of your community. Got a property? We can ensure it’s maintained to a high standard. Whether it’s a few units or an entire complex that needs maintaining – we’ll handle everything for you. Feel free to get in touch with us today. Customer service is our top concern, and we are always available to answer any questions. Cosmopolitan is a company that focuses on providing exceptional cleaning services for a wide variety of homeowner associations throughout the cities we serve. We know that a clean and well-organized common grounds benefits the look and feel of the entire complex as well as the visitors it receives. Our cleaning services are a cost-effective solution that will meet and exceed your high expectations. If you wish to learn more about our company, feel free to contact Cosmopolitan Building Services for a free walk-through inspection and estimate.