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Cleaning of large medical facility in suburbs of Chicago

Professional medical office, facility, clinic, and lab cleaning

Hospitals and medical facilities throughout Chicago IL and suburbs depend on Cosmopolitan cleaning and janitorial services to keep operating rooms, laboratories, and offices sanitized and spotless. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) also sets strict medical cleaning standards for medical buildings and the employees within. Your patience and health care professional deserve to be protected from the illnesses and injuries that could potentially occurs in these areas. Cosmopolitan takes enormous pride in making sure your medical practice, clinic, lab, or hospital is consistently in pristine condition. We have the resources and the flexibility to maintain your facilities on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis with no disruption or inconvenience to your organization.

Internal Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Scheduling Cleaning of Medical Facilities

Scheduling the cleaning of any medical facility, especially hospitals, is very challenging due to the 24-hours a day operating schedule. Specifically, any large area that require cleaning, such as hall ways may require strategically blocking off specific areas of the hospital until the project is finished. The same holds true for public rest rooms and hospital cafeterias. Other areas such as recovery rooms, intensive care units, and assisted living facilities may also require the mitigation of noise caused by buffers and vacuum cleaners. A growing number of health care facilities now require that floors and hard surface areas are vacuumed and not dust mopped due to because of the amount of dust and particulates that become airborne throughout the medical facilities when dust mopping is used.

OSHA Certified Medical Hazard Waste Cleaning Services

The Hazard Communications Standard (HCS), established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requires that the hazards of all chemicals, produced or imported, be evaluated and information concerning their hazards, if any, be transmitted to employees who may be exposed to those chemicals under operating conditions or in foreseeable emergencies. This Hazard Communication Program Policy Statement has been prepared to assist Cosmopolitan Building Services complying with the Hazard Communications Standard.

The Hazard Communication Program will provide the employee with means to understand the nature of any chemical hazard to which he might be exposed during the course of his employment so that he can be able to better protect himself. The purpose of the Program is to improve employee protection from chemical hazard and, thereby reduce illness and injury caused by exposure to chemicals.

The programs includes identifying and listing all hazardous chemicals present in the workplace. Specifically, labeling all containers of hazardous chemicals in the workplace, obtaining and maintaining Material Safety Data Sheets, providing information about hazardous chemicals in the workplace and training employees regarding hazards of chemicals present in the workplace and the use of appropriate protective measures.

It shall remain the responsibility of Cosmopolitan Building Services to insure that the policies of the Hazard Communication Program are implemented within each job site in which operations are conducted. This responsibility will include, and not be limited to: Training, Handling, Safety, Emergency Procedures, Site Locations of MSDS, Emergency Telephone Numbers, and Competent Supervisory Personnel with knowledge of all chemicals on site.