Why Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

As a business owner, maintaining a professional appearance and clean environment for your company should be a top priority. However, the costs associated with hiring a professional commercial cleaning service may cause some owners to hesitate. While it does require an investment, partnering with a reputable cleaning company can provide numerous advantages that make the expense well worth it in the long run.

When budgeting for a professional cleaning service, it is important to understand exactly what type of services you require. Carpet deep cleaning or full sanitization of restrooms and kitchen areas will be more costly than basic dusting, vacuuming and trash removal. The national average cost for comprehensive cleaning ranges from $0.25-$0.50 per square foot, but local rates can vary. Be sure to obtain quotes from several companies before making your decision.

Though the upfront costs may seem high, hiring professionals who are fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured provides invaluable benefits. Commercial cleaners utilize industry-leading equipment and solutions that in-house staff simply does not have access to. This enables them to achieve a level of cleanliness and sanitation that reduces allergy triggers and the spread of germs. Cleaning companies are also well-versed in protocols for handlings hazardous materials and biohazards.

Another advantage is the increased productivity hiring a service provides. When employees aren’t distracted by cleaning tasks, they can better focus on core business operations. Professionals complete the work in less time with less hassle for your staff. The flexible scheduling options many cleaning companies offer also allows the work to be done before or after operating hours.

There are also significant tax incentives companies can take advantage of. Cleaning services are tax deductible, and you avoid payroll taxes and the cost of compensation for injured in-house cleaners. The recurring nature of the expenses also provides reliable deductions year after year.

When searching for the right commercial cleaning service, be sure to vet each company thoroughly. Reputable businesses will have trained specialists, offer guarantees, and use eco-friendly products that leave your facility fresh and spotless. Though the cost may be higher than DIY cleaning, partnering with true professionals pays dividends.

Questions to Ask Potential Cleaning Companies

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional cleaning service, the next step is selecting the right company for your business’ needs. You’ll want to ask potential vendors the following key questions:

  • What specific services do you offer? Make sure they can provide the complete range you require, such as dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing restrooms, waste removal, etc.
  • Are you insured and bonded? Reputable companies will carry liability insurance as well as bonding to cover any potential damages or theft. Ask for documentation.
  • What cleaning products and equipment do you use? Look for green, eco-friendly solutions and advanced tools like HEPA filtered vacuums.
  • What type of training do your employees undergo? Well-trained staff should be knowledgeable about proper techniques and safety protocols.
  • Can you provide references from current commercial clients? Speaking with a vendor’s existing customers can offer valuable insight.
  • How will you tailor your services to meet my business’ needs? The company should be willing to customize their approach based on your requirements.

Vetting cleaning companies thoroughly before hiring helps ensure you choose a vendor that provides maximum value and delivers the high-quality services you expect.

The Customer Service Difference of Professional Cleaners

One intangible but impactful advantage of hiring a professional cleaning service is exceptional customer service. Commercial cleaning companies understand that their business hinges entirely on satisfaction – if you aren’t happy, they don’t get paid.

This motivates professional cleaners to:

  • Be Meticulous and Thorough: They pay close attention to detail and go the extra mile to meet expectations. No corners are cut.
  • Respond Quickly: Reputable companies will address any issues or concerns in a prompt, timely manner.
  • Offer Guarantees: Most established vendors stand behind their work and will return to re-clean any deficient areas.
  • Provide Consistency: Contracting for recurring service allows you to rely on the same high standards being maintained.
  • Be Proactive: The best cleaners look for ways to improve instead of doing the bare minimum.

When evaluating commercial cleaning services, the level of customer service and commitment to excellence should be key factors in your decision. A true professional will make your satisfaction their top priority.